Conducting a Course

LifeForce USA Instructors

This page is designed to walk the instructor through the entire process of conducting a course through the LifeForce USA, Inc. training center.

Steps to success

  1. Complete the LifeForce USA Course Preregistration form at least 7 days in advance.
  2. Purchase materials (books, masks, first aid training kits, and instructor supplies) from our online store.
  3. Reserve manikins, AED trainers, and other training supplies that you do not own.
  4. Conduct course according to agency and LifeForce USA guidelines.
    1. AHA Course Paperwork
    2. ASHI Course Paperwork
    3. NSC Course Paperwork
  5. Data Entry: Input all course data into Course Record Entry on the Training Center Technologies website and send all course files in one of two ways:
    1. Electronically by attaching a .pdf or comparable file to the course data entry on Course Record Entry on the Training Center Technologies website.
    2. Mail the course roster and summary evaluation to LifeForceUSA.
  6. Pay for the certification cards through our Certification Processing Payment page.