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American Heart Association BLS Instructor Course

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There are 4 steps to completing the AHA BLS Instructor course:

1. Have your BLS skills pre-monitored and successfully complete the AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers written exam. Please call our office to schedule an appointment. This must be completed at least one week prior to the instructor course date. This step should take approximately 30 minutes.

2. Complete the AHA BLS Essentials online course. This course is approximately 2 hours long, and must be completed prior to the instructor course date. You will receive your online registration information for this course, when you come to our office to be pre-monitored, and pay for the course. If you are from a department or company, we will invoice that organization if desired.

3. Successfully complete the instructor-led, BLS Instructor course date on dates listed above. This is a full day course, which last approximately 8 hours.

4. Successfully be monitored teaching in a BLS for Healthcare Providers course by a LifeForce USA Training Center Faculty. You can schedule this last step, once the first three steps have been completed.

Primary Audience

This course is for who those who wish to teach any or all of the courses that the American Heart Association offers under its Basic Life Support (BLS) structure.

What is the prerequistie for taking the AHA BLS Instructor course?

A valid AHA BLS Providers card.

Does successful completion of the AHA BLS Instructor Course result in receipt of an AHA course completion card? If so, what card?

Yes, upon successful completion you will receive an AHA BLS Instructor Completion card, issued by LifeForce USA, Inc., a multi-region Community Training Center of the American Heart Association. This card is valid for two years.